Message from Dean

Professor Kazumichi Onigata

医学部長 鬼形和道

Welcome to the homepage of Shimane University, Faculty of Medicine. This morning’s weather here in Izumo is fresh and crisp yet again. Our faculty is located in Izumo City which has, to the north, the Sea of Japan, and to the south, the Chugoku mountains. On the mornings that follow a rainy night, a multitude of clouds can be seen to swell up between the overlapping mountain ranges. Indeed, it is so rightly named, ‘The province of the clouds’.

During this season, (in October of the lunar calendar) the Gods gather from all over Japan and assemble in Izumo, enabling fortuitous encounters between people. While in other regions this month is called ‘Kannazuki’ (the month of no gods), in Izumo it is called ‘Kamiaritsuki’ (the month of the gods).
Since the time of the establishment of our faculty, as Shimane Medical University in 1976, until March of this year, we have produced 4,798 graduates. Our graduates are functioning in a wide variety of capacities both domestically and internationally. Some have committed themselves to a career in Community Medicine, while others are dedicated to the pursuit of Education, Medical Treatment and Research at the university level. The Faculty of Medicine that exists today was borne of the consolidation with Shimane University in 2003. This year, Shimane University celebrates its 70th year since its establishment, and Shimane University Hospital celebrates its 40th year since opening.

Along with the curriculum reforms of Medical Education (in 2016) and Nursing Education (in 2017), in addition to those basic qualities and capabilities expected of doctors and nurses such as knowledge and problem-solving ability, communicative competence and professionalism (skills of humanity, excellence, altruism, accountability) have also become mandatory curriculum requirements. At the same time, we have been attaching importance to the cultivation of research-minded individuals. In the field, education with Behavioral Science and Professionalism at its core has started, while Interdisciplinary Research and Community-Based Research into pancreatic cancer takes place, and with a Shimane University-originated venture being established, we are delivering research of a global standard into the university environment and beyond.

Our mission is the cultivation of local- and global-minded professional healthcare personnel, and the advancement of basic and clinical research towards the restoration of local society. Honoring the principles of our philosophy as displayed on our homepage [View the person, the community, with a vision for the future], we endeavor to accomplish our mission. Towards this goal, we embrace the three FDs- Functional Diversity; build creative organizations, add a little strategic effort; Functional Delivery; raise people conscientiously, take care with your language; Functional Development; question yourself, think of your next move.

University is a place for students and faculty personnel to mature and prosper. As I said during my inauguration speech, I endeavor to deliver on my motto [No pride, No anger, No surprise]. Applying the concepts of ‘bird’s eye view interpretation’ and ‘appropriate adjustment as needed’, I will strive towards the creation of an intellectual organization supported by a team of like-minded professionals.