COVID-19 Testing【Self-financed inspection】

公開日 2021年11月08日

COVID-19 Testing 【Self-financed inspection】 

You can choose our testing service, 
1) When you need certificates for travel or work. 
2) When you want to know if you are infected with coronavirus only if you do not have any symptoms. 
If you have symptoms such as fever or cough, please contact the Returnee/Contact counseling.

【Testing Day】
※ By appointment only
It is not possible to make a reservation on the day of the event.


※ Please click the "Self-booking here" box on the Web site above.
※ Booking availability in a day is limited.
※ Change,cancel,or enquiry is by phone.

【Reservation Period】
1 month in advance
Example:Reservations for April 1 will begin on March 1.

【COVID-19 Testing】
Only saliva 
Some countries/airlines do not accept saliva specimen testing or Covid-19 antigen quantification testing, so please make sure with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website or the embassy of the relevant country in Japan in advance.

【Method difference】

   Results notification  Advantages  Disadvantages
Antigen quantification Monday-Thursday:
Next day 10:00-14:00
Friday: by 18:00
Less expensive
Some countries or airlines do not accept
PCR examination
No PCR on Friday
Next day 10:00-14:00 Most common, gold standard
Highly sensitive


【Fee(Tax included)】
Antigen quantification     9,900 Yen
PCR examination           18,920 Yen
Certificate        2,200 Yen(in Japanese, English available)

【For the test, bring the following with you:】
Health insurance card or driver’s license (necessary for identity verification)
Passport(if you travel abroad)

【For Enquiries:】
Shimane University Hospital COVID-19 Inspection Center
TEL: 090-9821-7995 (weekdays 10:00~15:00)

Testing Procedure
1) Please come to the reception counter of the new construction(COVID-19 Inspection Center)(FIGURE), before your appointment time.
2) Check your symptoms and body temperature.
3) Confirm testing method and certificate.
4) Payment.
5) Lead to the examination.
6) Collect saliva sample.
* If you do not show up for your appointment 15 minutes after the scheduled time without prior notice, we will consider your appointment cancelled. If you need to change or cancel your reservation, please be sure to contact us before your appointment time.

Test Results
・ Your test results will be e-mailed to you at 10:00-14:00 on the next day (except Friday)
・ The certificate will be posted to you. Please ask if you need it as soon as possible.
* The certificate cannot be issued on the same day.
* Please note that pseudo-positive or pseudo-negative results may occur, although we verify the test quality.

1) Avoid eating, brushing your teeth, gargling, and smoking 30 min before saliva collection.
2) Payback is not acceptable after the examination.
3) In certain circumstances, the COVID-19 self-financed inspection may be stopped without notice.
4) The self-financed inspection is not available for those having COVID-19 symptoms. 
5) If you are positive for COVID-19 testing, we will access Izumo Health Center.


COVID-19 Inspection Center (Red box)