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Shusaku Tsumoto, M.D., Ph.D.

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Professor of Medical Informatics,
Department of Medical Informatics,
Shimane University, Faculty of Medicine
Office Address: 89-1 Enya-cho, Izumo 693-8501 Japan

Phone: +81 853 20 2171 FAX: +81 853 20 2170
E-mail : tsumoto [at]

Education: University: Osaka University, Medical School
Major subjects: Neurology, Medical Informatics

Medical Doctor(M.D.): Osaka University, Medical School,1989.
Ph.D. :
Tokyo Institute of Technology, 1997.

Recent Research


1993: The 13th Japanese Joint Conference on Medical Informatics: The Best Paper
1995: The 15th Japanese Joint Conference on Medical Informatics: The Best Paper
2002: IEEE ICDM 2002 Best Service Award
2007: Ohkawa Publication Prize "Elements of Data
2008: IEEE CBMS Best Paper Runner-Up Award
2011: JSAI Best Service Award

2012: SRII Global Conference Best Paper Award
2014: ICServ2014 Best Paper Award
2016 ITQM2016 Best Paper Award

Social Activities

Data Mining
2002: Program Chair of IEEE ICDM 2002
2006: Workshop Chair of IEEE ICDM 2006
2008: Conference Chair of PAKDD2008
2009: Tutorial Chair of PAKDD2009
2007-2015: ACM SIGKDD Dissertation Award Comittee Member
2008-2015: IEEE ICDM Steering Committee Member

2013- : IEEE ICHI Steering Committee Member
2013-: IEEE Big Data Steering Committee Member
2014: IEEE ICDM Sponsorship Chair
2014,15 : IEEE Big Data Tutorial Chair

Granular Computing
2007: Program Chair of IEEE GrC2007
2007- Co-chair of TC on Granular Computing in IEEE SMC Society
2008: Conference Chair of IEEE GrC2008
2009- : Vice President of International Granular Computing Society

2014: Conference Chair of IEEE GrC2014
2015: Program Chair of IEEE GrC 2015

International Rough Set Society (IRSS)
1996-2000 : Secretary of International Rough Set Society
2000-2006 : Chair of International Rough Set Society
1997-2006 : Editor of Bulletin of International Rough Set Society

2009: Conference Chair of RSKT2009
2016-: Advisory Board

Healthcare Informatics
2013- : IEEE ICHI Steering Committee Member

Japanese Society of Artificial Intelligence(JSAI)
1998-2001 : Secretary of Research Group on Knowledge-Based Systems (SIGKBS)
2001-2003 : Chair of Research Group on Knowledge-Based Systems (SIGKBS)
2003-2015: Member of Editorial Board, Journal of JSAI
2008-2009: Member of Executive Board of JSAI (SIG)
2013-2015: Member of Executive Board of JSAI (Publicity)
2016-: : Chair of SIG of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (JSAI)
2018.6-2020.6 :   Vice President of Japan AI Society
2019.6 :      Conference Chair of Annual Meeting of Japan AI Society
2021.6-2022.6 Member of Executive Board of JSAI (President-Elect)
2022.6- Present President of JSAI

ISO SC42 (Standardization of AI)
2018- : WG2 (Big Data), Expert
2019- : WG4 (AI Applications), Expert

Complex Medical Engineering
2013- Member of Executive Board of ICME

Medical Informatics
1999-2010 : ISO TC215 (Healthcare) WG3 (Terminology and Concept, Representation), Technical Expert
2013-2017   Executive Board Member of JAMI
2016: Conference chair of Spring Symposium of JAMI 2016

Editorial Board
Knowledge and Information Systems Journal(KAIS)
Journal of Intelligent Computing in Medicine
Journal of Data Mining and Data Management
Journal of Healthcare Engineering
International Journal of Granular Computing
(2017-) Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (Advisory Board)
(2017-) Journal of Healthcare Informatics Research
(2020-) Journal of Intelligent Information System

PC Chairs
2002: IEEE ICDM 2002
2004: RSCTC 2004
2005: ISMIS 2005
2007: IEEE GrC 2007

2014: IEEE GrC 2014

Conference Chairs
2007 PAKDD 2007
2009 RSKT 2009
2014 IEEE GrC 2014

2022: IEEE Big Data 2022

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications

List of Publications in DBLP Bibliography Server

Forever Voyaging..............

Leaving Home for a Long Time,
All the Known Gone Their Ways.
Still on the Lake in front of Me,
Remains the Waves in the Old Days.

Shusaku Tsumoto :

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