Faculty of Medicine, SHIMANE University


[Basic Idea]
Education and research, and medical service are conducted to equip students with a sense of culture and ethics from an international viewpoint, and cultivate in them the spirit of scientific inquiry, of developing medical and nursing sciences, and consequently making a contribution to the development of the community and the welfare of humanity.
[Educational Goal]
The educational goal is to produce doctors and nurses who are able to meet the needs of the times by developing in the students a sense of culture and ethics and the spirit of scientific inquiry as well as a humanistic orientation which will enable them to maintain the utmost respect for human life.
Shimane Medical University was founded in 1975 and has sent more than 3,000 outstanding physicians to medical facilities all over Japan. In 1999, the School of Nursing was established to educate and train nurses in this growing field. Shimane Medical University was merged into Shimane University on October 1, 2003 and became the Faculty of Medicine of Shimane University. Our campus is located in Izumo City and is separate from other facilities located in Matsue. It consists of almost300 academic staffs and almost 850 undergraduate students.
The Faculty of Medicine has 45 departments in the School of Medicine and 3 departments in the School of Nursing. The undergraduate course for the School of Medicine lasts 6 years and that of the School of Nursing lasts 4 years.